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Plays selected for Home Brew Theatre 6

Home Brew Theatre is The Drama Workshop’s regular festival featuring short plays by local artists.

The following are the nine plays and one musical selected for this season’s Home Brew Theatre, which will be held January 20-22, 2023. Congratulations to all selected authors and many thanks to all the talented authors who submitted quality work, making this year’s selections very challenging.

After You by Elizabeth Coley
Directed by Fred Murrell

Beyond the Veil by Nicholas Dunker
Directed by Ray Lebowski

Curtain Call by Greg Hatfield
Directed by Greg Hatfield

Falling by Christie Bishop
Directed by Judy Berrens

Geese by Peter J. Stavros
Directed by Trisha Cooper

Hambeth by Rose Vanden Eynden
Directed by Amy Eyers

Puddle Jumpers by Fred Tacon
Directed by Lynne Aronson

Sahara by Teri Foltz
Directed by Teri Foltz

Say It! by Rob Willoughby
Directed by Allie Webber

The Rainbow Bridge Package by Christine Charlson
Directed by Gina Kleesattel

Auditions will be held Sunday Nov 13 and Monday Nov 14th at The Drama Workshop Annex building. Please visit this page for more information on auditioning.

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