How Can I Help?

So you’re interested in The Drama Workshop, but you aren’t quite sure how you can help. Read through some of these commonly asked questions and see if they answer any of your own questions:

Q: Are you a professional theater?
 No. We are a nonprofit community theater, however we are by no means amateurs! TDW has a storied tradition of quality theatrical productions – all done by volunteers. Folks of all ages and walks of life gather together with the one common interest of putting on a show.

Q. Is this an exclusive group?
 No. It is a common misconception of many that it is difficult to “break into” any theater group. TDW is proud to involve as many people as humanly possible. The group carefully chooses projects that have the capacity of involving anyone and everyone. The toughest step might be that first one through the door, but it is a step you won’t regret making.

Q. I am not sure I want to act. Is there anything else I can do to be involved?
A. Most definitely! A show cannot go on without the countless folks who work behind the scenes to make it happen. In fact, the behind the scenes crew is the backbone of the organization. Most of our cherished members have worked with TDW for decades without ever setting foot on the stage. Check to your left for available positions.

Q. I am sure I want to act! How can I try out?
 TDW holds auditions throughout the season. “Like”-ing us on Facebook is a great way to be sure you hear about auditions. Generally, auditions include cold readings from the selected show scripts. You usually don’t need to prepare a monologue. Resumes are desirable, but usually not required. You just need to show up as is.

Q. Why do you do it?
 This is a question that cannot be answered in a short paragraph. Putting on a show is an awesome experience. Awesome! Nothing can explain the satisfaction of putting on a major production, and having it be a success. Come see for yourself! Contact us to see how you can get involved.