So you’re interested in The Drama Workshop, but you aren’t quite sure how you can help. Below are brief descriptions of some of the many jobs one can volunteer for at TDW.

The most visible folks during a production are the stage performers. TDW carefully selects its performance to involve a broad range of people. “There are never any small roles, only small actors.”

Every single element of each production is managed by the Producer. The Producer is in charge of getting together the folks and resources to make a show happen. This job requires a person with strong management skills and solid theatrical knowledge.

Stage Manager
The Stage Manager is in charge of running the production throughout the performance. They are in charge of calling all technical and actor cues from the light booth from the back of the theater. Often times, an Assistant Stage Manager is required backstage to carry through with additional tech/actor cues.

A person in charge of Props must gather objects and items required for use on stage by the actors. They can find these objects/items at the TDW warehouse or through outside resources.

Much like Props, costume folks gather the costumes and outfits need for the show. They may also find these clothing items at the TDW warehouse or through outside resources. Assistance may also be needed with sewing, stitching and costume maintenance as required.

Running Crew
The Running Crew assists the props and costume crew by helping out backstage with scene changes, prop placement, costume changes, and any miscellaneous duties during the performance.

Lighting is a job with a few separate duties involved. A Lighting Designer works with the director to make a plan of how to set the light grid above the stage. A Lighting Technician hangs the lights and handles the technical issues. The Light Board Operator runs the light board and takes cues from the Stage Manger during the show.

Set Design
The Set Designer works with the director to draw up concepts and plans for the set layout.

Construction begins usually two weeks before the show opens, and in this time the set is built. There are always many duties from carpentry, power tools, hammering, drilling painting, wallpapering, trimming, etc., etc.

Hair and Makeup folks help the actors get prepared to go on-stage. They can help make an actor look older or younger, appear from another time, or help create special effects.

The Sound Designer gathers sound effects per director request. The Sound Technician runs the sound equipment, taking cues from the Stage Manager.

Getting the word out about performances is the duty of Publicity. Press Releases, Show Photography, and general information is sent to local media outlets and publications.

Marketing has many opportunities to get involved. Artistic folks can help design the show art for posters, flyers, and advertisements. Creative folks can come up with different ways to get the word out to the public. Well connected folks can help organize different ways to get newer audiences. Anyone can help distribute materials all around the entire Cincinnati area.

People are needed to help design art/layout, gather info from the cast/crew for bios, collect advertisements, and coordinate printing.

Lobby Display
A Lobby Display is created for every show to sit outside the theater for patrons to enjoy during intermission and before/after the show. It is usually a collection of show art and photos of the cast and crew.

Usher/House Crew
The House Crew consists of a House Manger who gathers Ushers together for every performance. Ushers hand out programs, collect tickets, and assist patrons with seating. Folks are also needed for Hospitality, to run the concession area during intermissions.

Web Page
The Web Page needs folks who are well versed in HTML and assorted programming languages to help build and maintain this web site.

Playreading committee
This is a group of volunteers who gathers together a group of plays they have read. They submit a list of shows that are then narrowed down to a season selection by the TDW Board of Directors.

Member Newsletter
A Newsletter titled “The Backstage” is put together for members by folks who write articles, design layouts, and coordinate printing and mailing

Show Photography is taken to capture each production. Publicity/Lobby Photography is taken for display. History Photography is taken for inclusion in the photo archives of TDW.