About Us

The Drama Workshop has been bringing quality theater to the Cincinnati community for over 50 years. The group has been performing since its first show in 1954 – The Night of January 16th. Since 1958 the group has produced at least three shows a year. Everything from classics like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Glass Menagerie, comedies like You Can’t Take it With You and The Odd Couple, and contemporary dramas like Pride’s Crossing. It is one of the longest running theater groups in the Cincinnati area.

The Drama Workshop is also happy to announce that we have our own permanent home! After decades of renting spaces, The Drama Workshop acquired a beautiful building in Cheviot. After thousands of man-hours of labor, the former Glenmore Bowl was dubbed The Glenmore Playhouse. Order your tickets today and come check out our new home!

The Drama Workshop @ The Glenmore Playhouse:
3716 Glenmore Ave, Cheviot, Oh 45211