The Order of the Sword Award

The Order of the Sword is awarded to a member of the backstage crew for each show. It is a real sword, accompanied by a plaque and like the Cairo Kate award, travels from one winner to another at the end of a play. The original sword was presented to The Drama Workshop by Betty Wichman. She was truly a great backstage person and when she died, The Drama Workshop decided to honor her by naming this sword after her. The Order of the Sword was first presented in 1968 with the play The Gazebo. Since that time, it has been on stage during every performance as a symbol of the continuous unity of performers and technicians. Have you ever noticed it?

2012-2013 winners:
Elaine Volker – Snoopy! The Musical
Wendy Williams – The Man Who Came to Dinner
Wendy Williams – Barefoot in the Park
Rusty Lacy – Doubt: A Parable

2011-2012 winners:
Mary Stone – Moon Over Buffalo
Joe Penno – Talley & Son
Wendy Williams – The Crucible

2010-2011 winners:
Mary Stone – On Golden Pond
Gretchen Roose – The Importance of Being Earnest
Dennis Murphy, Ray Persing, Chris Weidner – Enchanted April

2009-2010 winners:
Mary Stone – Lend Me A Tenor
Ray Persing – Comic Potential
Abby Doench – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

2008-2009 winners:
John Netzley – You Can’t Take it With You
Ray Persing – The Movie Game
David Levy – Messiah on the Frigidaire

2007-2008 winners:
Ray Persing – The House of Frankenstein!
Ray Persing – Picasso at the Lapin Agile
Anne-Marie Murphy – Inherit the Wind

2006-2007 winners:
Gretchen Roose – Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge
Scott Baker – Communicating Doors
Ray Persing – Defying Gravity

2005-2006 winners:
Bill Winkler – Broadway Bound
Rich Bruegging – Proof
Elaine Volker – Kimberly Akimbo

2004-2005 winners:
Tim Binzer – An Evening of One Acts
Rich Bruegging – Doin’ Time at the Alamo

2003-2004 winners:
John Netzley – Mornings’ at Seven
Megan Schultheis – Inspecting Carol
Liz Trusler – Belles

2002-2003 winners:
Susan Bowling – Over the River & Through the Woods
Lizz Trusler – The Boys Next Door
Elaine Volker & Christopher Douglas – The Children’s Hour

2001-2002 winners:
Megan Schultheis – A Party to Murder
Elaine Volker – A Piece of My Heart
Scott Baker – Plaza Suite

2000-2001 winners:
John Netzley – Our Town
Ginny Chizer – Crossing Delancey
John Netzley – Pride’s Crossing