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The Drama Workshop Announces Auditions for Home Brew Theatre 6!

The Drama Workshop is holding open auditions for Home Brew Theatre 6, our showcase of short plays by local authors. Performance dates: January 20-22, 2023. This year there are nine plays and one musical. NOTE the only characters in the musical are 3 teen girls.

In Person Auditions:
> Sunday November 13, 2022.
Play auditions: 6-8pm.
Musical Auditions: 5-6pm.
> Monday November 14, 2022.
Play auditions 6-8pm.
Musical Auditions 6-7pm.

Plays: The TDW Annex.
Musical: TDWs Glenmore Playhouse

Performance Dates
1/20/23 8pm
1/21/23 8pm
1/22/23 21pm

About Home Brew Theatre
This is the sixth installment of Home Brew Theatre – TDW’s showcase of short plays by local authors, accompanied by a reception featuring beer from a local brewery.

There are a variety of roles for actors of all genders and ages, teenage and above. It’s possible for an actor to be cast in more than one play (up to three), depending on rehearsal schedule availability.
Note: For the first time ever, there is a short musical as part of Home Brew!! Musical auditions will be held separately. See below.

You may audition in person or via video submission.

If auditioning in person, please select a slot from this SignUp genius.

Readings from selected Home Brew scripts.
Location: THE TDW ANNEX (location details below)
Dates & Times:
Sunday 11/13. 6-8pm
Monday. 11/14. 6-8pm

Play Auditions will be in front of a panel of the directors, and will be recorded on video for directors who can’t be present. Auditions will consist of readings from selected Home Brew scripts. Please use the SignUp Genius to pick a slot so we don’t overcrowd the space. (15 slots per hour)

Once signed up you will receive a link to the full scripts, and to the selected audition sides. You will also receive an audition form to fill out.

Musical Auditions at The Glenmore Playhouse
Dates & Times:
Sunday 11/13. 5-6pm
Monday 11/14. 6-7pm

Puddle Jumpers is a short musical by Fred Tacon, directed by Lynne Aronson. Pick a slot in the SignupGenius (same link above) for the musical auditions. If planning to audition for plays and the musical, please secure a timeslot for each. Imagine three high school kids, on a rainy day, waiting at the school bus stop for their ride to school. BECCA, the oldest girl, never rides the bus and is a lst Sop; HOLLY is a bit younger, rides the bus every day and is very science minded and a Second Sop; and ZITH, the youngest, and is totally into D&D. She takes it very seriously and she is our Alto.

Please bring a resume and something to sing that shows your vocal range. There will also be cold readings from the script.

For more info, please e-mail Lynne at

If you can’t attend in-person auditions, you are encouraged to submit a video audition instead. Video auditions should consist of 2 short monologues, which you can select from the material at this location:

Be sure to start your video with a “slate” which includes your name and “Home Brew Six audition”. The two monologues can be on two separate videos.

If you are submitting an audition via video for the short musical “Puddle Jumpers”, please submit the above monologues videos as well a separate musical audition. For the musical audition, slate your video with your name, vocal range, (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto, etc). Perform 32 bars of a vocal selection with accompaniment.

Please submit your video(s) by emailing the file or a link to the video to with the subject “Home Brew Video Audition”. Video submissions are not required if you plan to attend in-person auditions. Video submission deadline is 11/14/2022.

The exact slate of plays is yet to be determined. They will be solidified by audition dates.
The directors of the short plays are
Allie Weber
Amy Eyers
Fred Murrel
Greg Hatfield
Gina Kleesattel
Judy Berrens
Ray Lebowski
Trisha Cooper
Teri Foltz
The director of the musical Puddle Jumpers is Lynne Aronson.

If cast, each actor will be required to become a member of The Drama Workshop ($20 individual membership), and to sign a code of conduct agreement.

The front door is at 3619 Harrison Ave. However please enter the back door. It’s best to park in the old Cappel’s lot at 3640 Gamble Ave. Please enter the rear of the TDW Annex building (entrance is at the rear right side of the parking lot).

3716 Glenmore Ave. Cheviot, OH 45211

Everyone associated with the production is required to be vaccinated against Covid-19, including all people auditioning. Please bring your vaccination record with you to auditions, or email an image of it to

Please email questions to

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