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The Drama Workshop Announces the Cast for Home Brew Theatre 6

The Drama Workshop is pleased to announce the cast for Home Brew Theatre 6. Home Brew Theatre is TDW’s recurring celebration of short plays by local authors. This season’s production includes 9 plays and for the first time ever, a short musical! Performances are January 20-22, 2023. Tickets are available online here or by calling (513) 598-8303.

AFTER YOU by Liz Coley
Directed by Fred Murrell
Renee: Megan Schultheis
Peter: Eric Thomas

BEYOND THE VEIL by Nick Dunker
Directed by Ray Lebowski
Regal: DonaldGeorge Huening II
Arrival: Kiya Fix

CURTAIN CALL by Greg Hatfield
Directed by Greg Hatfield
Lydia: Karen Romero
Allen: Steve Krieger
Neil: Michael Scarpelli
Marcia: Allie Webber

FALLING by Christie Bishop
Directed by Judy Berrens
Maggie: Valeria Amburgey
Blanch: Linda Roll
Jack: Clint Bramkamp

GEESE by Peter J. Stavros
Directed by Trisha Cooper
Hanna: Kiya Fix
Mark: Ken Macke

HAMBETH by Rose Vanden Eynden
Directed by Amy Eyers
Bib: Karen Romero
Bob: Ally Knizner
Boo: Parker Culp
Hamlet: Nick Dunker

Book, Music and Lyrics by Fred Tacon
Directed by Lynne Aronson
Becca: Anne-Marie Lusk
Zith: Allie Decima
Holly: Bri Landrum

Directed by Gina Kleesattel
Dave: Keith Degreen
Ashley: Kiley Degreen
Snowball: Zack Kelly
Dr. Brenner: Sherry McCamley

SAHARA by Teri Foltz
Directed by Teri Foltz
Sahara: Rachel Tolliver
Carol: Karen Romero
Marilyn: Amy Eyers

SAY IT by Rob Willoughby
Directed by Allie Webber
Driver: Devin Knott
Passenger: Kiya Fix
Backseat: Tobie Braverman

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