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Local playwrights’ work showcased alongside local beer.

(Cheviot, Ohio) After a three year hiatus, The Drama Workshop is again presenting Home Brew Theatre, a weekend-long festival of short plays by local playwrights, served up with local beer.

This is the fifth instalment of the festival, and the first since 2019. It runs just one weekend: June 10, 11 at 8pm and June 12 at 2pm. The production features nine short plays by local playwrights, followed by a “Meet the Artists” reception featuring beer sponsored by Braxton Brewing Company. Audience members are encouraged to meet and toast the authors, directors, and cast members. All performances are at The Glenmore Playhouse, 3716 Glenmore Ave. in Cheviot.

Home Brew Theatre was the brainchild of Co-Producer and Artistic Director Clint Bramkamp, and was created to be one of the few opportunities to see short plays in the area. The rise of the ten-minute play as a unique artform can be traced to the 1977 Humana Festival at the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville. A short play poses unique challenges to the author. “I enjoy the short format; it makes you stick to the essentials,” Clint said. “In 2016, I suggested doing a program of ten-minute plays to The Drama Workshop, and they adopted the idea.”

Home Brew Theatre has continued to grow over the years, and has become the premier short play festival in Cincinnati. This year’s production selected nine plays from among the record 61 short plays submitted by local playwrights.The plays were read by a committee who selected a shortlist of 17 plays, from which the directors picked the plays they’d like to direct.

The final selections are as follows: (*indicates world premier)

A BEER* by Peter J Stavros. Directed by Becky Collins. Featuring Nathan Huitger, Jimmy Jackson, and Fred Murrell.

FIRST KISS* by Betsy Bossart. Directed by Judy Berrens. Featuring Parker Culp, Peggy McDonald-Allen, and Ana-Grace Rose

GATE EXPECTATIONS* by Christie Bishop. Directed by Jeff Nieman. Featuring Parker Culp, Jeff Nieman, and Tim Rogers.

HEART CONDITION by Eric Thomas. Directed by Judy Berrens. Featuring Aaron Bates, Nicholas Dunker, Jessie Faye, and Micheal Harris Kiser.

MADAME MISTY* by Megan Ann Jacobs. Directed by Jessie Faye. Featuring Heather Abbott, Peggy McDonald-Allen, Cat Cook and Nathan Huitger

MANHUNT by Teri Foltz. Directed by Betsy Bossart. Featuring Micheal Harris Kiser and Ben Lacy

THE MILE HIGH CLUB* by Arny Stoller. Directed by Amy Eyers. Featuring Peggy McDonald-Allen and Fred Murrell

THE SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT by Christine Charlson. Directed by Greg Hatfield. Featuring Will Christman, Cat Cook, Kiya Fix, Jessie Faye, and Jim Waldfogle.

ZOMBIES ARE TAKING OUR JOBS* by Micheal Hickerson. Directed by Richard Zenk. Featuring Nicholas Dunker, Kiya Fix, Jimmy Jackson, Ben Lacy, Rusty Lacy, Peggy McDonald-Allen.

Nine very different plays from nine authors means there will be something for every taste, including silly comedies (with and without zombies!), compelling dramas and heartfelt romantic plays.

Award-winning local actor Peggy McDonal-Allen is in four of the productions, and welcomes the challenges of the short play. “Being able to convey nuances of your character to the audience in ten minutes is quite a challenge. But that’s part of the fun!”

Local acting legend Jim Waldfogle added, ”The audience gets a great variety of points of view in a bite-size (and very funny) format.”

The Home Brew technical production team is rounded out by pillars of the Cincinnati theatrical community: Jason Cox, Dennis Murphy, Alexa Justice, Clint Bramkamp, Jessie Faye, Sophie Grant, Eric Thomas, Elaine Volker, Chris Eyers and Megan Horton.

Tickets to ‘Home Brew Theatre are $18 in advance and $20 the day of the show. Show dates and times are June 10th and 11th at 8pm, and June 12th at 2pm. Shows frequently sell out, and reservations are strongly recommended. Tickets can be ordered through The Drama Workshop’s ticket line at 513-598.-8303, or ordered online via the TDW website at

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